Admissions And Withdrawals

Learning Outcomes

1)     Admissions  are open from the month of January onwards.

2)     Original Birth Certificate from Municipality or Panchayat is to be produced.

3)     Students coming from a school outside the state of Gujarat must have their leaving certificate countersigned by the educational inspector of that state. No admission will be completed till the leaving certificate from the last attended school is produced.

4)     No leaving certificate will be issued untill all fees are fully paid & library books are returned.

5)     Leaving certificate will be issued after 10 days on receipt of the application.

6)     The Manager/Administrator and Principal reserve the right to refuse any application for admission without giving any reasons.

7)     Notice of withdrawal should be given in written by parents or guardian before the end of the month.

8)     If no notice is given before the date mentioned, the fees for the following month will be charged even if the child has not attended the school.

9)  The management reserves the full right to revise any rule without notice.

10)  Duplicate copies of the T.C. may be issued on the payment of Rs. 100.