School Discipline And General Rules

  • Every student must carry his/her diary and identity card to school each day.
  • Students should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed. The school uniform should be worn on all working days and for all school functions.
  • All boys (except Sikhs) must keep their hair short. Girls must tie their hair neatly with a white ribbon.
  • Care must be taken of all school property. No student should damage any school furniture; write or draw anything on the walls. Damage done should be reported at once to the class teacher.
  • Parents are requested to ensure their children carry their personal belongings themselves to school. No lunch boxes, books, notebooks, project works, etc. will be taken up by the security guard for being handed over to the students. No calls relating to the same will be entertained at the office.
  • The students are to reach the school at the specified time. He / She will not be allowed to enter the school after that and no calls will be entertained at the security gate and office regarding the same.
  • The school reserves the right to suspend students whose progress in studies is unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other students.
  • Parents and Guardians must not visit their wards or teachers without the Principals permission.
  • The name, class and section of the pupil should be clearly marked on all the belongings of the students.
  • A student who uses unfair means during tests will be given zero in the subject. Repetition of the same will result in dismissal.
  • Students will not be called to answer phone calls during school hours.
  • Students using the school bus shall maintain discipline in the bus. Bus facility will be withdrawn in cases where discipline is not properly mainta


Conversation in English: During the school hours except for Hindi, the students should converse in English which is essential in developing communication skill in English. English must be spoken in the campus and also in the bus, if not strict action will be taken.

  • No Parents/Guardians are permitted to meet the children or teachers during the school hours. Parents are not permitted to enter in to the classroom.
  • Students are expected to take active participation in the co-curricular activities like games, sports, educational tours, and picnic, etc. arranged by the school.
  • It is the duty of the students to keep their classroom and other places in and around the school, clean and in order. They should cultivate the habit of using the dustbins.
  • The students must switch off the lights and fans inside the classrooms, when they leave the classroom.
  • The students must maintain their respective toilets clean.
  • The sports items used by the students from the school should be kept back in the school after use.