• School uniform has to be worn daily. Any difference in the pattern of the uniform will not be allowed.
  • Pupils are expected to observe strict discipline in wearing clean and ironed uniform to school.
  • Low-waist trousers are strictly prohibited. No fancy hair style will be permitted.
  • On every Wednesday and Saturday, PT uniforms should be worn indicating the house colour.


Regular Uniform

I – IV : Navy Blue Shorts & Blue Check Shirt (For Boys)
            Navy Blue Pinafores & Blue Check Shirt (For Girls)

V-VII : Navy Blue Trousers & Blue Check Shirt (For Boys)
            Navy Blue Skirt & Blue Check Shirt (For Girls)

VIII-X : Navy Blue Trousers, Blue Check Shirt, & Half Jacket (For Boys)
            Navy Blue Trousers, Blue Check Shirt, & Half Jacket (For Girls)

Black shoes and blue socks must be worn. (Velcro shoes are not allowed)

Pt Uniform

T-Shirt (Colours according to houses) and Black Track Pants
(White socks and white canvas shoes must be worn.)